Energy healing is an emerging field providing new treatment options for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger, irritability, insomnia and other physical and emotional symptoms related to stress and trauma. Although only recently gaining acceptance in the U.S., energy healing has ancient roots. In fact, according to Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Albert Szent-Györgyi,

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”


Recognizing the increasing need for effective treatment options, the DoD initiated research into Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) approaches, such as energy healing. In 2010, the Army surgeon general released a report recommending “a holistic, patient-centered approach” to pain management to include “complementary and alternative modes such as acupuncture, meditation, biofeedback, yoga and others.”1

Pranic Healing is a comprehensive energy healing system that addresses emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of recovery and prevention through pranic breathing techniques, energy-generating physical exercises, dietary guidelines, energetic hygiene and meditation. Breathing deeply, as with pranic breathing, allows more oxygen to reach the brain, which helps to restore a sense of safety and well-being naturally. Physical exercise releases endorphins in the body, which can increase relaxation and ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia (sleep is vital to recovery because it helps the brain process traumatic events through dreams and nightmares). And numerous studies have documented the efficacy of meditation in reducing stress, increasing concentration, improving emotional regulation and calming the nervous system, which can lower an elevated “fight or flight” response, common with PTSD.

Creating an energetically clean home and work environment is an essential element of Pranic Healing2 that can be implemented easily, no matter where you happen to be stationed. Cleaning a room or building of dirty energy can be accomplished by opening windows and blinds to let fresh air and sunlight in, burning incense (especially sandalwood), clapping loudly 10 to 30 times, or spraying the room with salt water (a few tablespoons mixed into a cup of water in a spray bottle). By creating an energetically clean environment, it is possible to create a calmer and more stable environment.

Pranic Psychotherapy is Pranic Healing applied in the treatment of psychological symptoms including anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, irritability and stress, and has been used with great success throughout the world for many years. According to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, modern founder of Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy “bridges the gap between the mind, the physical body, and the human energy system, providing new dimensions to traditional psychotherapeutic measures and practices.”3 Please refer to www.pranichealing.com for events and workshops in your area.

by Cindy Blake


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