Doctor Experiences Pranic Healing

I am a 54 year old, retired 18 year Air Force Veteran. My careers have included psychologist, communications engineer, teacher and a traditionally-trained physician (a podiatrist). During my different careers, I have seen and experienced many unusual circumstances. One year ago, I was introduced to Pranic Healing. Over this past year, I have been a Pranic Healing patient, a Pranic Healer, and am in the process of becoming a Pranic Healing Instructor. Many months ago, my chronic lower back pain had me almost incapacitated. I was barely able to stand and walking was tremendously painful. Fortunately, I was attending one of the Pranic Healing courses that weekend. During that class, my partner "practiced" healing my painful neck. Within 2 minutes my back pain was gone and 5 months later my back remains non-painful. From time-to-time, I have had the opportunity to provide healing to others (my patients, my friends and my family). I have been directly involved in the successful Pranic Healing of sprained ankles, broken arms, infected insect bites, healing emotional lesions of the body, blindness, stress and many other physical and emotional ailments. I have healed conditions and ailments not explainable by traditional medicine and enjoy learning more techniques for healing myself, loved ones and all others I choose. The world of Pranic Healing has opened my life to greater compassion for others as well as for myself and has given me a roadmap to greater health and happiness. While as an active duty physician also treating VA patients, I saw many ailments affecting my fellow vets. A lot of ailments were psychological (emotional) in origin, even those thought of as physical. Before we can heal our physical bodies, we need to heal our emotional bodies. PTSD, for example, affects our emotional body before our physical body is affected. Treatments for PTSD must include deep emotional, as well as, physical healings. In my opinion, Pranic Healing could be perhaps the most effective and comprehensive treatment for PTSD and many other ailments affecting our veterans. Lastly, I would love to see Pranic Healing taught to, not only, other health practitioners but to all people thereby facilitating greater healing for more people. by Dr. Miller, California