Meditation & Healing helps Staff Sergeant

In July of 2010 I was driving through Anaheim late at night. I can recall the loud blast of fireworks bursting above Disneyland. As the fireworks exploded above me I felt a rush of heat spread all over my body. For a second I felt I was back in Iraq. My stomach became tight, I felt panic, anxiety, fear and a dire need to find protection. Fortunately I was able to come out of that experience and focus on my driving. That night I realized that my tours in Iraq had an effect on me.

I was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force with more than 13 months of accumulative service in Iraq. I’ve always considered myself to be good under pressure and able to keep a leveled head and maintain clarity in high stress situations. This is true for most people, but what I have learned is that even though I felt in control during those situations, my body was still holding on to the experiences I lived through.

I consider myself very fortunate to have known about Pranic Healing at the time of this event. I was able to ask for a healing and I can attest that these healings have helped me release those memories from my body and return to life again. Practicing Meditation on Twin Heart in conjunction with the healing has greatly decreased the stress, irritability and aggression. It has taught me how to relax, experience inner peace, and remain centered. Having panic attacks and anxiety can be very hard on anyone especially if they have no one to turn to for help and understanding. Pranic Healing is great because you don’t have to tell your life story to get help. You just need to seek out the healing and the rest is just a matter of time.

-Rafael Enriquez, California